Video Analytics (VA) is amongst the most rapidly expanding fields from the video surveillance industry. It is usually known as Intelligent Video Surveillance. Video Analytics greatly increases the power and analytical capabilities of network camera software.

Because the name suggests, the objective of Video Analytics is always to carefully analyze video surveillance footage. Most forms of VA network camera software can even perform these analyses live. The analyses can take many shapes and sizes. Among the most common (and simplest) forms belongs to motion detection.

Taking video from network cameras which record images inside a digi pics, the video analytic software examines images not just frame by frame but pixel by pixel. A pixel is easily the most basic unit of information contained in a digitized image or video. What might look like just a minor change when viewing the full picture could actually create a major switch to several pixels, that this software recognizes and after that informs the person. Video analytics software can catch the slightest alterations in an image from frame to frame by catching variations the data sent.

When you use VA software, then, it's good to get high quality images. The greater the resolution in the video, the greater precisely the software can analyze. This is because the higher the resolution from the camera, the harder pixels are used to capture the picture thereby there's more details for the software to evaluate.

This network camera software can also be configured to recognize and distinguish certain objects, or tell objects apart. For instance, if you are monitoring the product in question your shop, you could program the application to recognize that object and notice whether it should change whatsoever or go missing. Since it can differentiate between objects, it might have the ability to inform in the event the item were substituted for something else.

Video analytics network camera software doubles to accomplish items like count people walking a sidewalk or cars passing down a lively street. Using its detailed analyzing capabilities it is able to tell people and cars in addition to the other and in the background, providing accurate statistics on these occurrences.

While an important part of network camera software, video analytics is not only part. It is employed to analyze information, though the software generally speaking can also be used for a lot of other purposes. For instance, when the VA tool grab something unusual, such as a missing object, or motion when there shouldn't be any motion or something like that of the sort, it could activate alarms in the building, contact police officers or other authorities as well as send you an e-mail notification from the event. This is called advanced event management and is one of the many added capabilities of network camera software which utilizes video analytics tools.